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Because we care about the environment and quality....

ANSI A161.1 Certified

Master Woodcraft cabinets are compliant with ANSI A161.1 - 2022 Performance and Construction Standard for Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets"


We have an energy reduction program in place to constantly monitor our energy consumption. From using advanced technology in lighting our factory to minimizing our hours of operation and implementing a paperless information program we consume less raw materials and energy.


Our recycling program here is based on as little waste reaching a landfill as possible. All of our scrap wood is processed using several different types of wood grinders depending on the size of the scrap. All of the processed wood is accumulated in sealed containers and sent to a co-generation electrical operation and consumed as boiler fuel. The thermal foil doors we offer have waste generated from the trimming of the thermal foil from the back edges. We use a cardboard baler to compress the vinyl and send it to a vinyl re-cycler. All of the materials we purchase are protected by cardboard and metal bands. When we consume these materials we bale the cardboard and send it to a paper recycler. The metal bands used in securing the shipping dunnage is chipped up and sent to a scrap metal recycler.

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